Below is the list of the project I have done as a part of my CS undergrad courses or as side projects. I couldn’t maintain the source code for projects I did long ago, but I am trying to open source an keep a list of all the latest projects.

Sometimes, the functionalities of the app might make no sense to you or lack a few things that you might expect, but most of the time they are intentional to fulfill the course/project requirements. 

✅ Keeper — A Todo App

A basic todo SPA built using Vue with Google Authentication and Google Firestore as a database. It allows you to manage all of your todos and organize them into different categories.

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🐧 Flock — Twitter Automation App

Twitter automation app to link multiple accounts, listen for hashtags, and retweet. Built using Flask (Python) and Tweepy. 

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  • Link your multiple Twitter accounts and add hashtags to each of them that they are supposed to retweet.
  • Tweet from any of the account, the app will listen for the hashtags in those Tweets and retweet from the account that contains that particular hashtag.

🎖 Survey Web App 

A web app to collect survey built in Python using Flask for backend and Chart.js to draw graphs based on the collected data. 

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📒 Library Management System 

A Library Management System built using React.js, Node.js, and MongoDB. It had functionalities like books, publications, and articles management, fine management, automatic emails, and authentication built via JWT and Passport.js.

🔰 SoundCloud Downloader

Quick and minimal SoundCloud downloader built in AngularJS using the SoundCloud developers API. All you needed was to put the URL of the track you want to download and it will download it for you automatically if allowed by the uploader.

🕶 Surveillance App

It was one of the fun projects I did using C# and EmguCV (C# wrapper of OpenCV library). It was a desktop application which recorded a video only when it detected any motion (provided a certain threshold) or a human face.

🎃 K-Mean Algorithm Implementation

K-Mean is a clustering algorithm used in data mining to create clusters of data provided a set of data. I coded the algorithm in C# and obtained 95%+ accuracy as compared to that of Weka.

🔥 Big Int in C++ 

BigInt is kind of a data type which allows you to have an infinite length of numbers. I did this project using C++ where I developed this data type using the char arrays. Also, I wrote function to do arithmetic functions like Addition, Multiplication, Subtraction, and Division — 9’s and 10’s complement to the rescue.

🌈 Image Editing Application 

It was a simple image editing application built using C++ & Qt to edit the images. I manipulated the individual matrices to blur, sharp, grayscale, and color filter the images. Also, it performed operations like rotate and flip.

⚡️ Bitmap Image Editing

It was probably the first project I did when I got into CS. I used C++ to manipulate ‘.bmp’ images using the character arrays. If my memory of recollection is not misleading me, I used file streams to read data into the character arrays. The first 56-bits contained the metadata regarding the file and then the matrices started which I manipulated to achieve the different effects.