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October 16, 2018

It is always hard to get started. I tried multiple times to maintain a personal blog but failed. But with a hope of beginning small, I am pushing myself once again to get started with blogging.

🎩 Introduction

I did my bachelors in Computer Science degree at University of Engineering & Technology. Part of it was completed in University of Minnesota, US β€” Yes, I went on exchange program πŸ™ˆ. I love pixel-perfect designs, dev-tooling, open source, JavaScript, and modern technologies. Prefer to code for the good, watch TV shows, and design for fun. Family and friends mean world to me! ❀

I have been involved with the open source for over 2+ years now. My journey with open source community began with WordPress translation back in 2016. I have been contributing since then to lead 100% translation of WordPress into Urdu in all the major releases which include v4.7,4.8, and 4.9.

⚑️ Blogging

To hold myself accountable, I’ll be honest here. It’s probably the third time I am pushing myself to start a personal blog and update it regularly. Every time I start a blog, I end up ruining I for not giving proper time. Which probably indicates the fact that I need to improve my time management and organize things in a better manner.

With this belief, I am committing myself to start once again. Start to make-up for my shortcomings and maintain a regular blog πŸ’―. This place will act as a repository to my learnings and experiences.

πŸ”₯ JavaScript

I started my journey with WordPress. I stumbled upon WordPress around 5 years before as an open source software to quickly and easily develop the websites. Back then, I used it for building sites using pre-made plugins and themes with a little bit of customization. I found it to be a powerful platform to get started in the niche of web development.

Around 3 years before, I got serious about JavaScript and it's community. Since then I have been working mainly with JavaScript (ES5/6), Node, and React. For now, I don't plan to move from this domain. However, I will be adding more to the plate down the road. 🀞

πŸ₯‘ Ambassador

Being a great academic scholar, I got multiple opportunities in the past couple of years to be in an advocate. Around 4 years back, I represented Pakistan in colleges and communities of Great Britain and Europe. These colleges include big names like Oxford, Cambridge, KTH, TU, and Edinburgh.

Also, I was selected as a cultural ambassador of Pakistan to the United States. Currently, I am enrolled at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, as an exchange student. Being here, I got to represent Pakistan on various avenues including various clubs, meetings, and gatherings.

These experiences helped me develop an understanding of different cultures, skills to interact with people from various cultures and adapt myself to adjust in a new environment and be successful.

✈️ Traveling

Being an ambassador of Pakistan, I got to visit a bunch of places around the globe. Somehow it developed a passion for traveling in me. You can imagine from the fact that I have traveled to more places in other countries than my own.

Now, I find visiting new places, interacting with new people, and getting to know the place as an invaluable experience. I love hiking and plan to visit more areas not in the world but in my own country as well. A shameless plug β€” a vague list of places I have been to so far in the world πŸ™ˆ β€” California, New York, Nevada, Minnesota, Washington D.C, and Wisconsin in the United States, Denmark, Germany, and Sweden in Europe, and United Kingdom.

πŸŽ’ Freelancing

For a year or so, I did freelancing on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. Mostly I did projects in the field of Web Development and Graphics. I managed to earn around 150+ clients in a span of less than a year.

Eventually, I realized most of the work at those platforms was repeated. I was not satisfied with my learning curve and I found it to be hindering my progress. As it was hard for me to manage my studies, do freelancing projects, and learn the new stuff.

So, I left those platforms as a full-time freelancer and joined a full time job. For a while, I worked with a remote team and then moved to an office based job!

πŸ¦„ Projects

One of the things I wish I had realized earlier in my journey is to open source the projects I undertook as an independent and as a Computer Science student. I did a plenty of good projects which I didn’t document or open sourced and unfortunately I don’t have the source code anymore for plenty of reasons. But it’s better late than never.

Now onwards, I plan to document all the projects. Also, I will be adding a short description of the fun projects I have done before.

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