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⎇ This Branch of My Life Is Called Blogging!

Branch? Yes, branch! I had been studying about GitHub lately and found a beautiful analogy to title the blog post that marks the beginning of my blogging journey – This branch of my life is called ‘Blogging.’  Sounds cool? Right!

Hello World, this is Saqib Ameen and that’s obvious from the blog name. LOL! Currently, I’m in my junior year of my bachelors in Computer Sciences at University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore, Pakistan.  And … And what? Maybe I should rewind a couple of years past and start from where I fell for tech and how I ended up here.

It was back in 2010 when I was in 8th grade; I started my first blog with one of my friends. It was a Blogspot blog, and we used to share pirated stuff on it. BTW I just checked, it’s still live ?, and please don’t ask for the URL. Later on, we moved to WordPress, bought a custom domain, hosting and boom! That was my first interaction with WordPress. I learned basics, made a lot of friends and learned quite a bit about blogging. That blog lasted for a year or so before my 9th-grade result cracked upon me and I sold my blog for the virtue of my studies. Hold on – my result was not bad, rather I ended up among top scorers, and I had to maintain the result. And I ended up securing distinction by scoring 96.67% in matriculation. Following the streak, I again got distinction in F.Sc by obtaining 95.6% marks. This time, I was honored to be entitled as “Walking Ambassador of Pakistan” by Cheif Minister of Punjab, Pakistan – Mr. Shahbaz Sharif. And I got an opportunity to represent Pakistan in institutes of Europe.

Merging the pull request to the master branch, let me come back to the track. Oh, it became a rhyme.  However, that was the time when I was applying for admission in universities, and I had to select a field. I was all in for Computer Sciences, but since I had a good score, everyone was trying to push me into Electrical Engineering – that’s what everybody in Pakistan does. I thought, maybe this time, I should get some expert opinion, and I wrote an email to Ahmad Awais, he is a UETian, an electrical engineer and now a Full Stack WordPress Developer. And probably his advice could be the best one I could go for. I am glad he was kind enough to take some time and guide me. So this is how I ended up in Computer Sciences at University of Engineering & Technology (UET), Lahore. And, I am glad I took this decision. It led to me to so many incredible opportunities, cool stuff, and people. And see, I’m writing this, merely because I took this decision two years back.

During my freshmen, I started freelancing and continued for a year or so. Then I left it because I noticed, it was hindering my learning curve. Later on, I did an internship where I learned Angular,  basics of APIs, and a little bit of Image Processing. It was during that time I got involved with the incredible WordPress Community through Translation.  Last year, I helped a team of 60+ people to translate WordPress 100% into Urdu for the first time in history. ? You can read about it here.  It was WordPress 4.7, later on, we maintained 100% translation for the v4.8 as well. 4 weeks back, I joined the Caldera Forms translation party and helped them to be 100% available in Urdu. They were kind enough to send me some swag as a token of appreciation. 

Eventually, I made it to WordPress Translation Editors list owing to my contributions as a translator. And guess what, WordPress Global Translation Day 2 is coming later this year and I am excited about it. I’ll be writing about it soon. I volunteered for Digital Ocean + WordPress Meetup at Lahore, on August 20, 2017. It was an awesome meetup, a lot of new stuff to digest, and new people to connect with. There might be more such meetups in upcoming days, and I plan to write about them. So next time, you can expect fewer outbound links in my posts.

That’s pretty much about me, I guess. Right now, I am getting serious about writings, WordPress, its community and Open Source. This blog might serve the purpose of archiving, I presume. I’ll be writing about my learnings, experiences, and things that I love to do. And yes, I will use it to connect with awesome people.

So, that’s all about it. Anything you would like to know, add or share? Leave a comment, and I would love to reply!

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