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Looking Back at 2017: Year in Review


2017 has been truly a transformational year for me. I grew as a person and as a developer. Great moments of past year include joining the awesome WPCouple team and getting introduced to the terminal. Let’s jump in!

? 2017 in Review

Since a few years, I have seen developers writing what they have achieved in the past year and their commitments to the new year. And I always found reading such posts quite fun and inspiring.

This time, I am writing my year in review to share what I achieved in 2017 and hold myself accountable for 2018. To be honest, I find it quite a good thing to analyze where I’m heading and which things need attention.

? WordPress Journey

Let’s begin with my commitment to WordPress. I got involved with the incredible WordPress community through translation. Through this humble beginning, I started contributing to the open source. While my contributions are minor and insignificant, I believe this is how everything gets started and keeps me going.

I’m pretty much excited about the Gutenberg project and digging into it nowadays. Gutenberg definitely holds great potential and will change the perspective of many about WordPress. To get my hands dirty with Gutenberg, I am trying to contribute to more and more Gutenberg projects.

? If you’re into Gutenberg, try Create Guten Block – A zero-configuration #0CJS developer toolkit by Ahmad Awais to get started with Gutenberg blocks.

? Part of WPCouple Team

One of most cherished moments of 2017 include getting into the super awesome WPCouple team. Through this platform, I got an opportunity to groom myself as a developer, open source contributor, and writer. I got to learn the technicalities involved in reviewing WordPress themes and plugins, overall structuring of an article, and dos and don’ts of effective writing.

As a developer, I developed understanding of writing a readable and well documented code. Got to work on bleeding edge web technologies and contribute in some great open source projects. One thing that helped me a lot is reading the source code. This practice helped me figure out the overall structuring and management of the code.

Also, I got opportunity to organize some local community events:

WordPress Translation Day 3

Hacktoberfest Open Source + WordPress Meetup

WordPress & JavaScript: Let’s talk Gutenberg!

? Bachelors in Progress

Currently, I am in junior year of my bachelors in Computer Science at University of Engineering & Technology (UET). Sometimes, it’s hard to manage time between all these happenings and studies. Social life, hanging out with friends, sleepless nights, and a CGPA to maintain. But in the end results always worth it.

Now, it feels like a part of life and I kind of enjoy it. There’s still one and a half year to go and a final year project to be done. I hope things would be fun!

? Recreational Moments

Last year, I got a chance to hike a mountain – Miranjani – the highest peak of KPK, Pakistan. It’s 2,992 meters (9,816 ft) in elevation and the track is about 3.3 km long with a net elevation of 600 meters.

It was the very first hike of my life. It took more than 3 hours to reach the top. It was hell a lot tiring, but a great experience. I got to enjoy the calm breeze, vastness, and beauty of the nature. I plan to hike some other hill someday maybe!

All shots are captured on OnePlus2.

? Workshops

Last year I pushed myself a little and delivered two workshops. Workshops targeted the undergraduate students to help them get a hang of different technologies. And I delivered these talks in my university.

→ Getting Started With Git – ICCOST 2017 UET

→ ES6 With Babel – Software Square UET

⚡ Learning

While I learned a lot of stuff throughout this year, I am going to list down a few major things.

  • Git/GitHub: One of the super awesome thing that I started learning this year is version control. Managing term projects and collaboration has always been a mess for me. Using Git made life a lot easier. While I depend a few commands mostly, I plan to get better at it. You can see some activity on my GitHub profile!
  • Terminal: Terminal is like a magic. Getting things done from a single place is dope. I love experimenting with ZSH and Oh my zsh. Command Line Power User by Wes Bos is on my hit list!
  • Angular & React: During my summer internship, I got to learn Angular. On the other hand, with Gutenberg project, react made it to WordPress. So, during my semester project I learned react. I used create react app to build a small project. This way I got to better understand Gutenberg blocks!
  • CSS Grids & Pre-Processors: I really liked the 2-dimensional approach in CSS Grids. I started learning it pervious year and also getting griddy with Wes Bos. Another thing I started learning last at the end of last year is Sass. I kind of like the way it simplify styling.

? 2018 Resolutions

So, that’s it! It’s been one of the great years of my life. I look forward to make 2018 an even better year. Hope to spend more time at building the products, staying on track, organizing myself, and get consistent at blogging.

No long list, because I believe things not always turn out the way we plan. Sometimes we end up with a completely different perspective. So, I plan to go with the flow. However, I commit to be more productive and organized this year.

? Wrap Up

A huge props to my mentor @MrAhmadAwais and everyone who made my year wonderful. So, how was your? And what you are looking forward to in 2018? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!



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  1. Those shots are so beautiful. ?
    Greetings to you 🙂

  2. Hoo,

    that’s a lot of things that you’ve done in a year.

    Good luck for next!

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